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A Short Shorter Lesson : What is God?

Yesterday, i had the privilege of delivering my first Shorter Catechism lesson. These teaching opportunities are given to the deacons of our church as part of our continued officer training. The lessons have to be within five minutes, with the time gradually...

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Accepting Words but Rejecting Sense

Francis Turretin's Institutes of Elenctic Theology contains a very helpful section on the differences between essential vs. non-essential doctrines. In article XXII of this section, Turretin makes a very important distinction between adhering to "words" vs. adhering...

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Do You Pray for President Obama?

Spend two minutes on Facebook and it is almost certain that a complaint about President Obama will pop up. I know...I've done it. But i wonder: Do we pray for the President as much as we complain about him? To my shame, i confess that i haven't. First of all, then, I...

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R.C. Sproul on a Deserted Island with a Gordon H. Clark Book

Dr. Gordon H. Clark is one of my favorite theologians/philosophers and it is rare to find a 'big name' in evangelical circles nowadays mentioning Clark. I was delighted to hear Dr. R.C. Sproul name Dr. Clark's book "A Christian View of Men and Things" as one of his...

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The Immutability of God

There was no change in the Divine nature of the Son, when he assumed human nature. There was an union of the two natures, but no change of the Deity into the humanity, or of the humanity into the Deity: both preserved their peculiar properties. The humanity was...

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Hypostatic Union

What was assumed from the Lord’s mother was nature, not fault; nor does the wondrousness of the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, as born of a Virgin’s womb, imply that his nature is unlike ours. For the selfsame who is very God, is also very man; and there is no...

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