In the history of Biblical interpretation, Christians have always understood the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70 as having prophetic significance. The degree of significance has varied from interpreter to interpreter. However, in the 19th century an extreme preterist interpretation began to crop up. This interpretation proposes that all Bible prophecy (incl. the resurrection, final coming of Christ, restoration of all things) was fulfilled by the end of the first century. For the most part, this view had lain dormant until the 1970’s; awakened by a movement within the Churches of Christ. With a number of published works from Max King and the advent of the internet, ‘hyper-preterism’ began to spread to other denominations. While the number of adherents has remained relatively small and the movement appears to have already reached its peak and is declining, the few that remain waste no time in penetrating churches and websites with their agenda and conspiracy theories against historic, creedal Christianity.

Samuel Frost was one of those hyper-preterists. He was also one of their most prolific writers and speakers. After 15+ years in the movement, he renounced this heresy in December of 2010. And on January 5th, 2013, Sam Frost debated an ‘up and coming’ hyper-preterist author named Michael Miano.

The Topic: Was All Bible Prophecy Fulfilled by AD70?

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