Ecclesiastical Catechism of the Presbyterian Church


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By Rev. Thomas Smyth, D.D.
Edited and Revised by Rev. Dr. Kenneth G. Talbot & Rev. Todd Ruddell

In question and answer form, Dr. Smyth addresses the meaning of Church, her government, officers, courts, power, fellowship, and relationship to other denominations of the world.

About the Author: Thomas Smyth was born on June 14, 1808 in Belfast, Ireland, the sixth son of Samuel and Ann Magee Smith. Thomas’s father was English, a prosperous grocer and tobacco distributor, and an elder in the Presbyterian Church. His mother, of Scottish ancestry, exercised a great influence on Thomas by encouraging his love of reading and instructing him in the Christian faith. Thomas’s education began at the Academic Institution of Belfast, and then he went on to study at Belfast College where in 1829 he graduated with honors. It was at the age of twenty-one that Thomas made his profession of faith in Christ while living in Belfast. He then moved to London to attend Highbury College, but he was not able to complete his program there because he moved with his parents to the United States in 1830 where he lived with his brother in Patterson, New Jersey. His brother, Joseph, had done well in his new homeland and earned his living in manufacturing. Joseph was a member of the Presbyterian Church and Thomas attended services with him. To complete his ministerial training he enrolled in the senior class at Princeton Theological Seminary and graduated in 1831. It was in 1843 that Princeton Seminary, at the recommendation of Dr. Samuel Miller, conferred the Doctor of Divinity upon Thomas.

  • Paperback: 229 pages
  • Publisher: Whitefield Media Publishing (October 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 193730010-2
  • ISBN-13: 9781937300104

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