Survey of the Book of Revelation DVD


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NEW 24 lectures on DVD by Dr Kenneth L. Gentry, ThD!

• 4 DVDs containing over eleven hours of instruction.
(Which is much better than eleven DVDs containing four hours of instruction!)

• Each DVD contains six lectures each of around thirty minutes each.
(I can’t think of anything funny to say about this. Sorry.)

• Perfect for small group Bible studies or a Sunday school program.
(Large groups, though, may become restive and snort from time-to-time.)

• A free downloadable syllabus for note-taking is available on this website. It may be copied for students.
(In fact, it can be copied for aluminum storm door salesmen who refuse to participate.)

Revelation is a difficult book that has confounded the best minds of the church and been abused by the most naive populists throughout Christian history. It is so difficult that it even John himself was perplexed, as we see in Revelation 17:6-7.

In Revelation we meet bizarre creatures such as fire-breathing horses with locust tails, a seven-headed beast, a woman standing on the moon, and more. What does all of it mean? How can we understand Revelation’s dramatic narrative? When did John expect these things to transpire?

In these twenty-four careful, down-to-earth lectures is provided a basic introduction to and survey of the entire Book of Revelation. The viewer will receive important interpretive tools for understanding the dramatic flow and bewildering imagery of Revelation. And with those tools in hand we will work our way through the book from beginning to end — in short, clear, insightful, and compelling lectures.

Disc 1
1. Author, Date, Progress (34:16)
2. Jewish Character; Symbolic Nature (24:37)
3. Timing and Themes (32:12)
4. John’s Opening (29:21)
5. Jesus Appears to John (29:41)
6. God’s Throne Room (27:22)

Disc 2
7. The First Five Seals (27:20)
8. The Sixth Seal & Interlude (31:45)
9. The First Five Trumpets (32:04)
10. The Sixth Trumpet (30:49
11. Mighty Angel & Commission (26:42)
12. Temple & Two Witnesses (1) (32:01)

Disc 3
13. Two Witnesses (2) & Seventh Trumpet (25:54)
14. The Woman, Dragon, & Heavenly War (28:38)
15. The First Beast (32:20)
16. The Second Beast (31:45)
17. The 144,000 (32:17)
18. The First Bowls (24:17)

Disc 4
19. The Sixth & Seventh Bowls (24:07)
20. Introducing the Harlot (31:49)
21. The Harlot Discussed (28:28)
22. The Lament Over Babylon (24:06)
23. Marriage Supper; Millennium; Final Judgment (29:14)
24. New Creation & New Jerusalem (26:02)

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