The Road From Eden: Studies in Christianity and Culture


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by Dr John Barber

“Barber has mastered and/or referenced a huge amount of literature. His book is a great resource…his arguments careful, cogent and revealing. I hope this argument has a great deal of influence on the church…it is like a mighty force for reformation, revival and cultural renewal. There has never been anything like it (as a single volume) in Reformed literature. Recommended.” – Dr John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL.

“Dr John Barber has given to the Church one of the most comprehensive studies concerning Christianity and culture. This work won Dr Barber a position as plenary speaker by the Abraham Kuyper Center for Public Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary in 2011…This book is a must read by anyone who wants to understand how Christianity influences culture from the time of the Garden to modern day.” – Dr Kenneth Gary Talbot, President, Whitefield College and Theological Seminary, Lakeland, FL.

About the Author: Dr John Barber is an ordained minister with the Presbyterian Church in America. Dr Barber serves as a pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He serves as Adjunct Faculty member for Bryan College teaching theology and Christian culture. Dr Barber has written two other books entitled Earth Restored and America Restored. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University (B.F.A.), Westminster Theological Seminary (M.A.R.), Yale University Divinity School (M.Div.), Whitefield Theological Seminary (Ph.D.), and is currently doing doctoral studies at the Free University of Amsterdam.

  • Paperback
  • Pages: 587
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Whitefield Media Publishing (2013)

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